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How to Use This Digital Toolkit

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Hey Bud.

We're glad you made it.

We wanted to first thank the organizations who have these free resources online. If you can please take a minute to visit their websites and donate to the work we are all benefitting from we would greatly appreciate you spreading the love!. Many of these groups also have these resources in other languages, so should you need them translated please feel free to ask us to locate this for you!

Second, if you wanted to contribute to this toolkit please send us a message at We are continuously scouring the internet and looking for more resources as we go. We are a volunteer run team and do not profit from this toolkit so anyone who wishes to volunteer their time is welcome.

Lastly, spread and share this information! Education is empowerment. We hope you enjoy and any questions please let us know.

For easy navigation of our toolkit, click the button in our portal that best represents your issue and check out our resources. If you have more questions or need direct support, we have multiple ways to get in touch!

Under "More Resources" you will find links to help locate vaccine clinics in your area, mutual aid support for paid sick days, and the EICERB subreddit (a great place to get information on applying to Covid-19 supports, taxes, and filing claims)

Our "Media & Outreach" has links to any publication and/or organization that we have collaborated with.

Below are the places we have collected information from. Again, please consider donating to keep their fantastic work alive.

Organizations and agencies mentioned in this toolkit that you can support

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