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United Weed Workers is a volunteer-run workers action center. We also provide free labour coaching for retail and agriculture workers. 


We were founded in Hamilton with a united goal in mobilizing ourselves to facilitate change in our industry.

What is precarious work?


"While many different kinds of part-time or limited-term jobs can be temporary, critics use the term "precarious" strictly to describe work that is uncertain, unpredictable, or offers little to no control over working hours or conditions" - Wikipedia

In cannabis precarious work can be found in both the retail and agricultural sectors. 

There are minimum standards set out by the Employment Standards Act, Ontario Health and Safety Act, the Labour Relations Act and Ontario Human Rights Code. 

What is the Employment Standards Act and What are your Rights?


{Edit/remove this: }There are laws in Canada and Ontario that outline your minimum rights at work. Every province is different and this toolkit is ever expanding to include them. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the working conditions, safety and minimum standards you are entitled to. Knowledge is power!

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